Transform Your Instagram Into A Selling Machine In 7 Steps

How To Turn Your Instagram Into A Selling Machine
How To Turn Your Instagram Into A Selling Machine

Instagram now has over 1 Billion monthly active users, and more than half of those users follow brands and business accounts. Instagram’s growth has created new opportunities for eCommerce businesses to sell their products. So if you’re on Instagram and have not yet realized your account’s potential to grow your business, here are the 7 steps to turn your Instagram account into a selling machine and attract the right audience to sell your products.

STEP 1 – Optimize Your Instagram Account

Creating a good first impression should be one of your goals in optimizing your Instagram account. Having a good profile will help you achieve that.

  • Your profile account should have an image and a bio that highlight the voice of your brand.
  • A clear Call To Action (CTA) button
  •  A mix of post types
  • Story highlights so that viewers can see your top stories.

STEP 2 – Boost Your Instagram Game

To help you with your hashtag game, use hashtag research tools such as Gravtag, Hashtagify, or All Hashtag.

  • Use 2 types of hashtags, one for your brand and the other for your post.
  • Think of a creative hashtag for your brand and include that in your bio.
  • Research hashtags related to your niche and include them in your posts. A maximum of 30 well-researched hashtags will increase your reach.

STEP 3 – Build Social Proof

Social proof is a demonstration that other people have made a choice in a product/service — such as reviews, testimonials, or social shares — thereby encouraging others to do so.

Encourage past customers or clients to share your products or services with their audiences by offering a discount code or free product in exchange for the testimonial.

STEP 4 – Strategic Ad Placement

Instagram is a key component of your Facebook marketing strategy if you want to build a 7-figure business. Depending on your goal, there are several ad objectives you can choose from, such as:

  • App installs
  • Brand awareness
  • Conversions
  • Engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Video reviews

A study shows that Instagram photos generate 36% more engagement than videos. It would be best to experiment with various ad types and objectives to find the winning formula for your brand. You can try these tips for optimizing your Instagram ads to increase conversions.

  • Segment your market into smaller targeting groups
  • Keep your CTA (Call To Action) clear, concise, and relevant.
  • Make your ads look like awesome Instagram content.
  • Respond to ad comments, including the negative ones.

STEP 5 – Add Instagram Shopping

Shopping on Instagram allows advertisers to make videos, stories, and posts shoppable by linking directly to product information with the checkout button to your store. Instagram Shopping is currently available in selected countries. Connect your Instagram business profile to a Facebook catalog and wait for your account to be reviewed before you can add stickers or product tags on Instagram. 

Some brands reported an increase of 1,416% in traffic and +20% revenue after adding shopping to their campaign.

STEP 6 – Keep Consistent

Stay consistent with your brand voice, brand message, content, and engagement with your followers. The more you post to Instagram, the more likes you get. The more you post to Instagram, the faster your following grows.

Frequency enables you to be front and center in the minds of potential shoppers and followers.

STEP 7 – Reward Your Loyal Followers

Rewarding your loyal followers is a great way to make them feel special while also boosting your sales. 

  • Offer your followers an Instagram exclusive deal.
  • Set up a special coupon for them, create an image with text about the offer, and share the coupon code in the caption.
  • Offer early access or an exclusive version of your product solely for your Instagram loyal followers.

Those are the 7 steps you can implement now to turn your Instagram into a selling machine. Remember to stay consistent in posting content and engaging directly with your audience. 

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