Social Media Management Services

As a social media manager, my services include creating a brand kit for your business, social media content creation plus growth and engagement, and social media advertising. The details are listed below.

Brand Kit Creation

I develop brand kits for businesses that aim to present a cohesive guide for their visual identity. A brand kit is the blueprint for understanding and communicating your brand identity to your audience.

This brand kit will include your logocolor palettetypographybrand elements, and guidelines. I will provide three variations and two possible revisions. 

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Shie Zarate Brand Kit Creation
Brand Kit For Solid Rock Dental Imaging Center

Social Media Content Creation

Social Media Services Shie Zarate
Social Media Content Creation for FB and Instagram

My social media services are for Facebook and Instagram platforms. The job includes content creation and growth and engagement. I’ll start with a social profile audit and optimization of your existing accounts to jumpstart the process.

Content Creation – The work scope involves writing and publishing feed contents and stories with captions of at least two sentences applying the brand’s voice and topics. The client’s images and videos will be used in creating visual contents with a uniform layout that conforms to the brand’s mood board. The frequency of postings will depend on the agreed terms. Relevant hashtags related to the brand will be included in the captions.

Growth and Engagement – I will genuinely engage with your followers’ comments, questions, and tagged photos. I’ll visit communities and groups related to your niche to engage and build positive relationships with your ideal audience. The frequency of these activities will depend on our agreement.

You can choose to have either one of the services or both services to avail of a discount. 

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Social Media Advertising

Shie Zarate Social Media Advertising
Social Media paid advertising drives legitimate business results

Social media advertising is a paid online advertising work that focuses mainly on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.
This service’s scope involves creating ad content, media buying, running the ad, and managing ad spent.

The process also includes split ad testing, information gathering to identify your users’ demographic information, and creating detailed profile groups to target running your ads.

Social media advertising is cost-effective since you only target people who are interested in your products or services. Ad fees get billed only when people click on your ads and take action.

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